Beach Vacay 2017

We had a blast. And by a blast, I mean, my husband got to go to thrift stores, my daughter swam to her heart’s content, and I totally vegged out (literally, I ate a salad every day….maybe except one day), except when I did my daily 30-minute walk, which has become essential to me! Let me tell you, a daily 30-minute stroll on the beach is good for the soul!

We had a 5:30AM flight, which wasn’t our favorite, but we made the most of it.
There’s nothing like screen time to help a flight go quickly! This is The Lorax (for the 20th time, probably).
….the flight ended with a nice nap. For her, not me
My daughter loves the beach–no doubt.
I love the sunset there. *tears* Miss it already.
There’s nothing like sand and sun to wear a girl out, me included.

fullsizeoutput_178cRandom: I found this vintage Polly Pocket! She is home with me now!

Of course, I used my Thirty-One thermal with Leak Lock to prevent spills in my suitcase! Second use: a beach cooler!


…And if you don’t have one of these wristlets, I highly recommend one! After a trip to the beach and pool and around the shops, I can say I used this way more than I even anticipated. I just stuck my ID, phone, some money, debit card, sunglasses, key, lipstick, and mints inside, and I was good to go.

Happy travels this summer! Whether you’re going to the beach or the pool, you know I’ve got the Thirty-One things you’re going to use! 😉


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