Grocery Fun!

So…I was moving extra slow today, because sometimes my body likes to remind me that I’m pregnant. We finally made it out of the house around 10 this morning, which may sound pathetic, but I was pretty happy with us 😊

Added bonus: I grabbed my pretty bags and felt twice as put-together. I’m telling you, when you’re pregnant or just tired, having something cute and organized can pick you up! Besides my purse and wallet, some of my favorite things are my Utility/Thermal items for the grocery!

Everybody needs a key fob for hanging up their favorite purse or tote on the grocery cart, especially if a child is taking up space!

My new Quick Cinch Thermal took care of my produce, and my wristlet was perfect in the checkout line. I had it ready on my wrist so I didn’t have to dig around for it!

I threw in the veggies, cinched the top, and I was ready! I love not using plastic bags.

My girlie got herself a treat of Trolls gummies, too. We laughed about how she was a Bergan (is that how you spell it??) because she was eating the trolls. If you know the movie, you know what I’m talking about. 

Aaaand it’s packed away. Once again, I felt like the day went a bit more smoothly. That Quick Cinch is pretty perfect for my grocery trips. ❤️
Maybe grocery shopping isn’t that big of an accomplishment to you, but to me, especially when I’m sluggish, it’s a small victory! 🙌


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